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Email Marketing Campaign Services

Though there are many advertising companies, Belacrio has carved a pioneer position in the market by extending excellent and result-oriented email marketing approach for clients from various walks of different businesses. We have understood that, this particular service is way more than simple message sending techniques, but an effective advertising option that provides room for personal interaction with the prospective.

Our capabilities

Having supported numerous clients with many of their email marketing efforts successfully, we have established a working solution that can greatly improve the success of any campaign.

Contact management: Contact management is an import aspect that can decide the success or failure of the business. We have devised a customized contact management solution that will help you categorize, manage and follow-up the contacts helping you utilize the ever growing possibilities of email marketing.

Real-time behavior insights: The experts with us in our company provide a myriad of reports based on the behavior and actions taken by the people who received the email.

Personalized emails: Ours is highly customizable service option with options to create conditional content according to the preferences and interest patterns of your contacts.

Apart from technologically supporting from our clients, we also have excellent content developers who can develop various textual and digital contents that can be embedded to the emails to be sent to the contact. We are well aware of the importance of the content to convert a prospect into a customer. With this in mind we offer effective 360 degree service support to all our customers without pricing them unscrupulously.

There are more than a few packages from among which you can select the best ones suiting your necessities and budget. We can ever create tailor-made packages for you.

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